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Welcome to B Ready Protective Services, where your safety and security are at the forefront of everything we do. We specialize in providing top-tier security services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Personal Guard

Experience Personalized Safety with Our Expert Personal Guards, Trained to Offer Discreet and Efficient Protection Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

Top Security guard

Handpicked for Their Expertise, Reliability, and Dedication to Safeguarding Your Assets. Our top-tier security personnel are equipped with advanced training and technology.

Expert Team

A Cohesive Unit of Highly Trained Professionals Committed to Excellence in Protection. Our team combines years of experience with continuous training in the latest security methods

B Ready Protective Services is a full service private security company located in Pasadena California, serving clients all across Southern California. 

“At B Ready Protective Services, we understand that each client has unique security needs. We prioritize understanding your specific requirements and collaboratively create tailored service packages that align with your demands and budget.

Unarmed Security Guard

“Our Unarmed Security Guards provide a visible deterrent to potential threats while maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor. Ideal for low-risk environments, they specialize in surveillance, access control, and ensuring the general safety of your premises.”

Armed Security Guard

“Equipped with advanced training and licensed to carry firearms, our Armed Security Guards offer a heightened level of protection. Suitable for high-risk situations, they are meticulously prepared to respond effectively to any security challenge with utmost caution and expertise.”

Vehicle Patrol

“Our Vehicle Patrol service offers mobile security solutions, ensuring extensive coverage of larger areas like corporate campuses or residential communities. Equipped with marked patrol vehicles, our guards provide rapid response and regular surveillance to maintain a secure environment.”

Foot/Golf Cart Patrol

“Our Foot and Golf Cart Patrol services provide a personal touch to security. Perfect for navigating pedestrian areas or sprawling venues, our guards offer on-the-ground surveillance and quick response, ensuring a secure and approachable presence in any setting.”

Event Security

“Secure your special events with our professional Event Security services. From crowd control to emergency response, our team is trained to handle various event scenarios, ensuring a safe, organized, and enjoyable experience for all your guests.”

Executive Protection

“Our Executive Protection service offers specialized security for individuals who require personalized protection. Our expert team is trained to anticipate and mitigate risks, ensuring the safety and privacy of VIPs, executives, or public figures in various environments.”

“Proven Excellence and Milestones: Celebrating Our Success in Security and Protection”

  1. Industry Recognition: “Awarded ‘Best Security Service Provider’ for three consecutive years by the National Security Excellence Awards, recognizing our outstanding service and commitment to safety.”

  2. Significant Client Growth: “Achieved a 200% increase in client base over the past two years, serving a diverse range of sectors including corporate, residential, and event management.”

  3. High Client Retention Rate: “Maintained an exceptional client retention rate of 95%, showcasing our ability to consistently meet and exceed client expectations in security services.”

  4. Advanced Training Programs: “Implemented a state-of-the-art training program for all security personnel, ensuring our team is equipped with the latest techniques and technologies in security and safety management.”

  5. Successful Large-Scale Security Operations: “Successfully managed security operations for major events, including international conferences and high-profile concerts, with over 10,000 attendees, ensuring seamless security coordination and incident-free experiences.”

“Proven Excellence and Milestones: Celebrating Our Success in Security and Protection”

“Our security guard company is recognized as a leader in the industry, marked by a 200% growth in clients and a 95% retention rate. We’ve been repeatedly awarded for excellence, pioneered in integrating AI technology, and maintained a zero-incident record in high-risk areas. Our community engagement and successful large-scale event management further demonstrate our commitment to top-tier security solutions.”

What types of security services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services including unarmed and armed security guards, vehicle and foot patrols, event security, executive protection, and custom security solutions tailored to specific needs.

Are your security guards licensed and trained?

Yes, all our security guards are fully licensed and undergo rigorous training in various security protocols, including risk assessment, crisis management, and advanced surveillance techniques.

Can you provide security services for both short-term and long-term needs?

Absolutely. We cater to both short-term events and long-term security arrangements, offering flexible solutions that adapt to your specific requirements.

“Find answers to your questions with our FAQs, providing insights into our security services, training, and operational excellence. Discover how we tailor our expertise to meet your specific security needs and challenges.”

“Real Stories, Real Security: Discover What Our Clients Say About Us”

Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg

Event Organizer

"The professionalism and efficiency of the security team were outstanding at our annual conference. They ensured a safe environment, allowing us to focus on our event without any concerns."

Daniel David
Daniel David

Corporate Client

"We've been using their corporate security services for over a year, and the peace of mind they provide is invaluable. Their guards are not only highly skilled but also very professional."

Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith

Residential Community Manager

"Since hiring them for our residential community security, we've seen a significant improvement in safety and resident satisfaction. Their attention to detail is commendable."

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson

CEO of Tech Innovations

"Their executive protection services are top-notch. The personal guards are discreet, highly professional, and always on alert. I feel completely secure under their watch."

Linda Chen
Linda Chen

Retail Store Owner

"Their unarmed security guards have made a big difference in our store's atmosphere. They're friendly with our customers in maintaining a secure environment."

Mike Brown
Mike Brown

School Principal

"Their team did an excellent job in comprehensive security plan for our school. Their commitment to safety and their ability to work with our staff was impressive."

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